Saving Money by Blocking Ads

Do you have an iPhone and ever go over your carrier’s data plan allowance? (over 30% of us do!). Mostly unbeknownst to us, video and banner ads and hidden tracking URLs are using a lot of our mobile data plan and draining our battery. Use this calculator (defaults are typical for US users) to estimate how much you could save by installing an iOS 9 content blocker, and how many unnecessary URLs are loading on your phone.

Then check to see the scores/tests of the top ad blockers for a variety of browsers and platforms (including Safari on iOS) here (free w/ confirmed email)!

Data sources: (3/2016), New York Times (10/2015), eMarketer (10/2015), AppleInsider (11/2015)

Also: We’ve put together content explaining how blocking works, get that here.