Tip Sites

A voluntary way to support publishers while still blocking bad ads


Blocking ads can save you money on your phone’s data plan, protect your privacy and spare your sanity. If you decide to block ads, we hope you’ll try our new iOS 10 ad blocking app, and also that you’ll consider using a voluntary service we launched that lets you support the best websites!

Go to http://app.optimal.com to support publishers while blocking ads. To do that, once you’ve registered, you can become a member via a $1.00/month membership fee. This fee covers our costs of processing payments and distributing funds to publishers. Once you are a member, you can then “tip” individual websites if you want to (there’s no obligation) any amount from $0.01 to $1.00, and 100% of that amount goes to the website in question.

You can suggest other sites you love if they’re not already in the site directory.

Once we make the claim process available to publishers in December 2016, every website will have 12 months from when they hit the earning threshold of $25 to claim their funds by proving they control that website. If they don’t claim their funds within the 12 month period, those funds are donated to public charities!

Start now! http://app.optimal.com

Thanks for helping us change online and mobile advertising for the better!