Optimal BLOCK for iOS 10!


The only free cross-browser blocking app for iOS 10


Optimal wants to fix your mobile browsing experience. Our FREE ad/tracking blocker loaded 66% fewer URLs and used 52% less data than without a blocker. Most importantly, it blocks web ads and trackers across multiple mobile browsers including Chrome, iOS Safari, and the in-app Twitter and Facebook browsers. Now available in the iOS app store for US, Canada, UK and most of Western Europe.

Here are answers to frequently-asked questions about Optimal BLOCK! If you have others, send us feedback!

App Store Reviews

Currently rated 5 Stars in the Apple App Store!

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By the way, we also built an optional way for you to support publishers while you block ads, whether with our tool or someone else’s. Learn more about that here.

NOTE: We do not under any circumstances accept money to whitelist a publisher, advertiser or ad tech company! If you see stuff that you think should be blocked that isn’t, send us feedback.