Archive: Daily Archives: July 22, 2016

Update -> No more blocker ratings, new product coming!

After spending a lot of time talking to various ad blocking companies and surveying the landscape, we realized that what we wanted to achieve (a way to protect your data, privacy and attention that doesn’t destroy the publishing world!) would require us to build a better ad blocker which also gives people the opportunity to express which sites and articles they love most. Thus if you visit today, you’ll notice you can still subscribe to a $5.99/month payment to reimburse publishers for some of the revenue they lose via ad blocking, and you can still “tip” individual sites one-time amounts ranging from $0.01 to $1.00, but we no longer have the listings of various ad blocking tools on platforms. (If you’re a publication interested in licensing that test data from us please send me a DM on Twitter to discuss).

Our blocker will work across multiple browsers and platforms and give users a great experience, reflect all that we’ve learned over the past many months about what works and what doesn’t, and will provide a future path for publishers to participate in a new consumer-centric data-driven ad economy that does not disrupt the user’s attention with irrelevant ads. I wrote about what I think the future holds for interactive advertising, and I encourage you to read it to see the direction we are headed.

It’s almost ready. Sign up to be notified when you can try it.