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Over $8 billion in wasted mobile data!

We have been quietly testing hundreds of ad blockers, most of them for iOS devices (thanks to Apple’s decision last year to allow these apps). We also built a data savings calculator for you to estimate how much extra mobile data you might be burning, loading stuff on the mobile web you never asked for.

We estimate that if all US iPhone users with iOS 9-capable devices used one of the top 10 adblockers we tested, iPhone users in aggregate could save $7.19 a month, or about $8.3 billion in the US alone! We ran across 7 websites for 3 minutes, and loaded 1712 URLs on average, whereas the top 10 blockers on average needed just 493 calls to render all the content and images on these sites -> this means that advertising technology accounts for 71% (1,228 hidden items loaded) what loads on your mobile phone in an average web session!

  1. Business Insider wrote about the data calculator today.
  2. Here’s the data calculator, give it a try!


Installing and configuring these applications is somewhat cumbersome, so we provide assistance and support to subscribers to help them with this process. But if you are one of the 30% of smartphone owners in the US to occasionally or regularly exceed their mobile data plan, adblocking is simply a must. (BTW we also hope you’ll sign up for our $5.99/month service to compensate publishers for their content –>  it’s only fair! But it’s your choice!)

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